Protect your MOST Valuable Assets—Your Family and Your Home!
Your loved ones should be sheltered and protected by your family home. 
But, can you be sure that your home is free from harmful substances that can cause short term or long term health problems? Can you be sure that our home is protected from environmental problems that CAN and WILL reduce your home’s “livability” and value?

Aside from the obvious physical security that your home provides, your home is also a valuable asset which YOU must protect in return.  You must protect the value of your home for loans and other financial uses.  You must protect your home in order to enable a smooth potential real estate transaction with maximum profit should you decide to sell it in the future.  You must protect your home to leave it at its top value to your children down the road.


Alicon has the EXPERIENCE with LICENSED and TRAINED technicians to SAFELY rid your home of these potentially harmful materials:

  1. Asbestos in the Home   
    Pipe insulation
    Floor tile
    Vermiculite Insulation
         and others…
  2. Indoor Mold Growth & Moisture Intrusion
    Leaks in roofing or pipes or foundation
    Condensation from temperature changes
    Faulty building components
         Plumbing problems
         Extreme temperatures
         Shower Leaks
  3. Lead Based Paint (LBP)  “Assume the worst and hope for the best”
    Know the Hazards:
    Friction surfaces like doors and windows present the highest potential for exposure.
    Flaking and chipping paint, when disturbed, presents a high potential for exposure as well.
    Know the Regulations:
    Untrained contractors are not allowed to come in and “rip and tear” when abating lead based paint (LBP) hazards.